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At one of the better chef schools you can get your culinary career cooking with a degree from a top cooking school. Study baking, pastry making, culinary arts, restaurant management and more.

Attending a community college can be a great idea. You can earn junior college credits that can be transferred to your four-year university by attending a quality community college. Or, maybe you don't need a four-year degree, you can earn an associate degree or a short diploma and get going with your career sooner.

You can learn to become an animator through these computer animation programs. Learn the software skills necessary through one of the best computer animation schools.

If you love to cook (and not just eat), culinary arts schools can train you to work in a great restaurant. Check out some of the top cooking and culinary schools around the country.

For people who are really into fashion, a career in the fashion industry might be perfect. Fashion industry careers are available in fashion merchandising, fashion marketing and design at a top campus in a big city close to where you live. Associate's degrees and bachelor's degrees are commonly offered.

If you have always loved to draw, you may be able to combine your interest for art into a cool career in graphic design. Graphic design schools provide training in graphic design and graphic arts. You can find a school near you.

Engine mechanics are in great demand these days. Motorcycle mechanic schools teach motorcycle engine repair and maintenance. You can study to become a certified motorcycle service repair specialist.

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