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For ambitious young people in many marketing, management and finance fields, earning an MBA degree can often help them advance their careers. In fact, in many job fields today, employers are expecting to either see an MBA degree on your resume or want to know that you are working on it.

Three Reasons to Earn an MBA

1. Your Career Goals Include a Leadership Position
Not everyone who earns an MBA goes on to take a leadership role in the organization, but if that's your career goal, getting a graduate degree can help. Throughout the course of your MBA program, you'll have plenty of opportunities to practice and defend your mission-critical decision making skills. Even more valuable is the opportunity to learn the soft, people-focused skills that will help you manage a wide range of staff and personalities throughout your career.

2. You're Thinking of Changing Careers
Many people who have worked in the fields of marketing, finance and management have seen a wide range of opportunities to advance in other business areas or industries. If you're considering changing careers from sales, education, health care, technology or another area, a master of business administration degree can help you transfer your years of business experience in one field into a new career.

3. Your Target Industry Requires an MBA
If your sights are set on a career in investment management, financial management, accounting, banking or consulting, you might find it difficult to move upward in the organization without a masters of business administration degree.

Getting Accepted Into a Program
Having some good business experience is one of the best qualifications you can have for being accepted into some graduate business schools. Some schools believe that you'll be better able to understand business school concepts and apply what you've learned if you've already had exposure to profit and loss sheets, manufacturing concepts or creating marketing strategies. Additionally, with some real-world experience, schools believe you'll have more to contribute to classroom discussion and collective projects with your fellow students.

However, if you're a junior or senior in college and are thinking about pursuing an MBA immediately after you receive your undergraduate degree, don't be discouraged. Many students are doing that these days, especially students graduating with an accounting degree who want to get into the consulting field. One key to getting a job after graduation is making sure you participate in summer internship programs at companies in the industry you would like to work in.

MBA Earnings
An MBA may qualify you for advancement in your present career or open the way for a new, higher paying career. As of May 2009 the Bureau of Labor Statistics reports median salaries for some typical occupations that often require a master of business administration degree:

Human Resources Managers, $96,550
Financial Managers, $101,190
Marketing Managers, $110,030
Chief Executives, $160,720

Whether you aspire to be a financial aid director at a university, a marketing manager for a hospital, a volunteer coordinator at a major non-profit or a CEO of a start-up, earning a master of business administration degree can open up your career horizons.

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You can earn your Master of Business Administration Degree completely through online classes.

Spotlight Colleges:
Southern University and A & M College in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, offers a traditional campus-based MBA degree program consisting of 10 required courses and three electives. Learn more.

New Jersey City University is in Jersey City, New Jersey. Besides their undergraduate programs, they also offer a Masters in Business Administration (MBA), Master of Science in Accounting (MS) and Master of Science degree in Finance (MS).
Learn more.

Oakland University is a public university in Rochester, Michigan. Their business graduate and executive education programs are offered evenings and weekends. They offer a Master of Science in Information Technology Management, a Master of Accounting, and a Master of Business Administration degree. Learn more.

If you're really ambitious, you may be able to combine an MBA degree with a law degree and earn both at the same time. Most schools don't have this option, but if you can find a program that offers it (and you're really smart), it could make the education part of your resume pretty incredible.

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